Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"


It is good, but it is really repetative and the pixelation if very annoying. Weapons are too slow and all the smooth transitioning really isn't aprt of the shooter genre.

Deserving of a much better score

I checked this game out because it was on the front page. as always, the first thing i did was check its score, which, in the grand schemeof things, was not very impressive. having nothing better to do, i tried the game anyway. What a game. the graphics are very impressive (love the blur), and the gameplay is equally satisfying. i do think that there are some improvements that could be made, however:

on the levels where you have shooting allies, their survival should be optional, but should carry with it a substantial bonus.

the blues have got to go

you should get just a little more money per level.

the manual targeted weapons need more variety (ie., splash, spread, piercing, etc.)

also, consider making it possible to fire-link weapons (for a price, of course)

finally, you MUST make a sequel.

overall, an excellant game!

A shared opinion.

i agree with heroicdevil. this game is too slow, and you dont make enough money. the concept could be better also as there are thousands of games just like this out there. but im not going to be that harsh because it was fun for like the first 5 levels.


Do we lose all the weapons after we win the game?

You should've done a mode where after you beat the game you can go and get all the weapons you want...c'mon..


That was epic, from those little red circles to the annoyingly hard yellows. It got pretty easy once you got a shield, the top gun, a couple of splinter guns. Lots of fun, definitely will play again to try some other things like the freeze gun and maybe the rocket-gun. :D Hurrah for high score... for now xD