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Reviews for "OUTMiNd!!"

WOW man...the name of the song says everything

DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars!

love it the out of this world sounds compliment the quiet drums.

DivoFST responds:

Thanks man, apreciate the comment :D
Feel free to fan my page :P
Cheers deathschild!

In my opinion the drums are too silent, but that is pretty much it. I liked the song.

DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the comment buddy!
Yeah i am still not sure how to make a perfect dubstep formula but comments like your will surely help :D

I like this :D

If anything though, you should make the big parts be louder and have more things playing at the same time...


DivoFST responds:

Dubstep where louder is better!! xD
Thanks a lot for the comment!!

This is quite a refreshing departure from many of the cookie-cutter dubstep stuff on here... maybe because it really doesn't sound that dubsteppy.

I feel that the song stopped developing and plateaued after the first minute, and it got somewhat repetitive towards the end. I think you could throw in some powerful kicks at certain sections, maybe some glitchy effects, and go all out crazy (which would nudge you closer to the "mainstream" dubstep here). You could also consider giving that choir a lead melody and make it carry a longer section.

Oh, and at 1:07 there is this hilarious percussion instrument that comes in that sounds kinda like banging pots and pans... is it a traditional instrument or it's an effect you came up with on your own?

Overall... great ideas. Can be further developed.

DivoFST responds:

Thanks a lot for the constructive review gadogry!
Well i have very VERY little experience with dubstep or any dance genre so this was the result of multiple attempts to make it sound something near dubstep, i tried to do what i could to approach a bit of madness but still retaining my personal style and that's why it doesn't have the total dubstep sound.
At 1:07 the "banging pots and pans" (i laughed a lot when i read this xD) are the result of me messing around with Addictive Drums until something i liked was achieved.
Although i loved the choirs i thought that over using them would escape the Dubstep sound too much so i didn't gave them more to play..wrong decision maybe :/