Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"

ha ha ha i got the good ending with the pond

in was a great game and in the first one i all so got the good ending for the pond

I like it.

Cool game, a little trickyer, but sill cool. And I can't kill the pond...Anyways I like it, but does it beat the last one. Um...almost. I kinda like the first moonlight more, but this is a big step. Getting better, and I still like it. Keep up the great work.

My only complaint,

The endings weren't in depth like they usually are.
I liked it :o but it seems like you could've gotten more creative with it.

Its an alright game

but you should make your walkthough a bit more...i dunno simpler and two when i cast the spell and the moon arrived..i lost..did i miss something and i couldn't cast it during the moon either...so im not really sure what i was to suppose to be doing...any clues or hints may be nice.

not ur best

not bad,but u've done better.try 2 improve and do a 3rd jenna dating sim,where this 1 ends with jenna and nevaeh as a couple