Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"

It's a really nice game. I really liked how the story goes, but I just can't seem to get around the story right. I always get the bad endings, and the walkthrough, well, I don't really get it. So, can anyone here please tell me how to get the good/perfect endings? Well, because getting the bad endings through every attempt despite casting the spells and all that dialogue is kinda annoying me already. Thanks.

Right, I've found 9 endings... 2 for each character (good and bad) and 1 for killing the pond. As usual, I had loads of fun... but a couple suggestions.

First of all, the one thing in your games that drives me up a wall is making money. Your games usually have one job with a fixed salary... I'm not low on time or anything, but it gets monotonous. Did you know it takes more than 6 days of straight work to make enough money to collect all the gifts for a character (except Pond), and 5 days to get enough to buy blood for the strength potion? Maybe befriending your boss should raise your salary... just to change the pace a bit.

The other thing is that I think there should be a save right before the end... so you can investigate all the endings you unlocked, instead of just one. None of the endings take more than 25 days to get, so if you work hard you can actually unlock 2 in one go (sometimes 3 if you include killing Pond). However, you can only view one... so you have to go through and replay to see the other character's ending. Going that way, you're halfway through the game saying 'I'm ready for ___'s good ending... now what do I do for the next 25 days?' (By you, I mean me. After the first playthrough, I literally skipped half the game when I replayed because there was nothing else to do).

Anyway... loving all the cute guys. ;-) There's definitely something weird with me though... Fantom was my favorite in Twins, Junior was my fav in the first Moonlight, and now it's Pond... I can't help it, the little demon is so cute!

I killed the pond and become one with it. Cool game.

Cross <3

i love your girly dating sims!!! (all of em)