Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"

Ba-Bombs Away!

O ha ho! That movie wasa numbera one!

That's a blaze!

Dude, that was through the roof! Shite, if I could pay you to make this, I would. People, you gotta see this, no matter what! This is priority! It's frickin' godly!

Who are those two at the end?

Excellent artwork. Beautiful animation. But who in the fuck are those 2 ppl at the end who use the Bob-Omb?


Great movie again man very cool

Besides Bowser...

Luigi is the best in the Mario World. Most of you are saying "Dur hur hur...Super Sonic is Invulnerable so he cant be beaten! Dur hur." Yes he is invincible, but only until he runs out of rings! Then he can be hurt. He wasn't hurt by Mario when he went Super Sonic, and Caped Luigi was strong enough to deal with Super Sonic, but When sonic loses his rings, thats it. Then the fight starts to become interesting. Oh and by the way....I LOVED the DBZ style fireballs. KICK ASS!! Make one with Bowser vs Ganondorf! AND MAKE BOWSER WIN AND RETAIN HIS TITLE AS THE BIG BADASS!!!