Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


well over all pretty good but the ending seems like u ran out of ideas and gave it a confusing ending


I liked this one a bit more but again, there are numerous problems with your Smash Bros. X work.

1. Animation was still heavily lacking and unrealistic looking
2. Remember that Super Sonic is INVINCIBLE! He can't just go back to normal because he was hit by some giant green energy ball. You need to think of a way to work around that.
3. The ending was really confusing. Some guy just walks in with a Bob-omb and Sonic and Luigi don't run from it. That's a stupid ending.
4. I liked the pictures at the beginning but what does the one with Kirby and DK have to do with anything?
5. The fight looked more convincing but you do the freeze frame thing too much. That only works once or twice at a time in a fight scene. It just shows your lack of commitment to the animation.

Overall, it was a rather boring, mediocre submission. It has it's moments but these moments are overshadowed by mediocre animation (or lack of) and the still unconvincing fight.

But then again, this was submitted 6 years ago so I assume your animation skills are much better now... I hope.

You also have good drawing skills. You should focus more on that.


bomb-omb ending S-U-C-K-E-D!

eh, o.k i guess

it was o.k i guess, could have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better thn tht

very different...

Im voting an 8 because luigi died. It could've been way better.