Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


This one was one of the best of them all!!

Release another one!

The first one is great, and this one is even better. The only problem I have is that we only get to see You-Know-Who (watch the movie!) at the end. I think this 'Gaiden' deserves another part, keep up the good work!

great work once again

i like to keep my reviews short and sweet dude your awsome i love all the work you do they are fuckin awesome so dont take anyones crap about them

you piss me off

I could sum up most of your movies with these simple words; they look all a bit too much like dragon balls, they all have that hardly audible crappy background music that really pisses me off, but the graphics are nice so that kiinda saves you. And stop fucking whining about getting a job. I mean go at the local mcdonalds or something..... maybe thats not the kind of job you want but pickers cant be choosers. Maybe if you spend some more time looking for a job instead of spending countless hours in front of the computer masturbating and making flash movies that ressemble dbz maybe youd get a job. If you want a job making flash movies just go submit your work somewhere were theyll pay you to make them(youd probably make it cuz you do draw well)


I'm confused by the ending. Did Sonic & Luigi get killed or did Luigi survive?

Though it's great.