Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


very well don but whats the song like it plz tell me

Huh.. interesting.

Its better then the first, but still, pretty freaking weird xD

Good then

Why complain? it obvously kicked ass back then cos it got a 2nd place

Still the best

Many say that this could be better, others say it sucked. But back in the day this was one of the best out there at the time. Back then few could do very good animation unlike today. Today there are more things to work with than before. Sure it could use a little work but i still say everyone should check how old some of these videos are. Then once you know how old it is try to compare from back then to today and you will see the diffrence

keep working on it

it wasnt that bad but the animation could be highly inmproved but it was kind of good.