Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


you should have let luigi kick some hedgehog ass for kiling mario

not bad

1- the animation was nice
2- you should of had made a better ending
3- the video should of had been faster
4- like mrsaturnpwnsyou said how could you hurt luigi


ok that was all wrong, luigi should have been 1st to go, than mario would get a invincible star and whoop sonics crudhole.

"poor luigi"

maaan u made sonic evil and that cost u 1 points, u made mario die which cost u 2 and u hurt luigi THAT cost 3! u alse get 1 off for weird and stupid animation!
so u get a 3

Better than the first.

The art looks much better and I liked the fighting and music but it still felt a bit short. Will there be a sequel? Otherwise, I didn't like the ending too much, it felt "incomplete."