Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


great sequel


It was good but the way that you finished the batle totaly ruind it.


you should have killed sonic then end the series where shadow kicks luigis ass


Nice touch to the continuance of Smash Bros. X. Luigi really had Sonic there... until the weird and uncalled ending. But, yeah. Good job man!

Twas a good video at its time

People rating them now just can't see how it was in the past. Back then, this was one of the best animations out there. I remember watching this the day it came out, it's just too bad I'vent yet seen the next smash with Samus released. I can see that it must've been tiresome with all the working while everyone's on your back saying 'is it done yet?' 'Whens the next one coming?'

Oh well, arrogancy still teh good video indeed. Haven't checked in a while for your flash. Ever actually visit this place again, if you still make flash, maybe should make another, I bet you've improved since then.