Reviews for "Smash Bros. X: Gaiden"


Pretty good,but it could have been better =D

Who Is Sephiroth

Who Is He Why Have You Used A Bob-omb As A Bob-Omb Isnt Very Porwerful Anyway Plus Why Is Luigi Wearing A Cape Why Not Put Him In A Different Mode??


at least they both died


Considering this flash was made over 5 years ago, This was probably the reason Seph was overused. Because it inspired many people to use him like that.

Bitch about it if it was made last week, not before you were born. At least using a Bob-omb was funny.

Eh... alright video... bitch ending.

Animation was... alright.
Sound was forgetable.
Ending was by all means a bitchmove.

Rule number five about making good crossover stuff: Saying that Sepiroth just comes up and kills them is a way of saying "I'm not creative and/or devoted enough to come up with something cool/orrignal."

Sepiroth is one of the most overused super-villans in the world and personally I think that the use of him as a way to make ends meet is simply dodging out of the way of having to make something better.