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Reviews for "RealityCheck Harry Potter"


Did you censor the word "sod", or did you just pronounce "shit" strangely? Nevermind. Either way it's odd to see anything censored on newgrounds. Especially with all the other stuff said and done in this flash. I'm so confused. I'm going to click that o button, for "oh my goodness, this was good!"

CammersJDL responds:

The word you were looking for was "twat". we bleeped it cause a) a well timed bleep can be comedy gold and b) the rest of the langauge in the flash itself isnt super strong while "twat" is.

Hehe, good one

You did get some good points out there with Hagrid.
And I think most of use would react like that, if a big bugger like him kick the door in...But i would have take his offer if my stepparents was big [Beep] like them.


SWINE FLU! that one got me big time.