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Reviews for "William and Sly"


The last part scared the hell out of me, but I like this game and for the most part, it is very soothing


This game was so well done. It's refreshing to have an entertaining game that doesn't have violence for once. The soundtrack fit the game perfectly. I really hope you'll make a sequel.

This is a great game

Everyone's said it, but I felt I had to. This game is excellent. There's a great atmosphere created between the moody music, magically fluid animation, and the rainy forest setting and strange fantasy departures from reality. Now, it could be a little slow sometimes, which I easily forgive. It wouldn't look good at any less than full quality, and the rain and fairyflies and such must take a bit. But the art styles clash a little bit. I like the way the fox was done, and all the background scenery fits with that. The fairyflies fit with that. But the evil crocodile dudes look cartoony, like something from an old Looney Tunes or Disney cartoon. And then William looks kind of out of place, too, like he came out of Tomorrow's Nobodies or something like that. Except with elf ears.
Overall, this is a great game.

Oh wow

Ok so I didn't want to play this but after seeing it up for 3 day's I was tempted. Its actually a fun game Its pretty cool how you don't have a health bar. So its really hard to loose haha. I did notice the fairyfly's respone after a bit and that was pretty cool. Great game for sure.

Excellent game

I must say the controls are superb in this game. The graphics are beautiful and so is the music. Good job.