Reviews for "Shopping City"

Time Consuming

Great game. Helps pass time. But it needed a confirmation screen if willing to sell an object, since I deleted 3 restaurants accidentally throughout the time I played.

Also, it needed freeplay.

Needs More

This game is great but it would be better with free-play

waaaay too slow.

I don't this game gets really boring, i wanted to quit after the second level, im usually into games likethat (similar to things such as roller coaster tycoon, those kinds of things) also the lag was so bad, fast mode ended slower, than slow mode in the beginning, and the frame rate is really slow.

very addicting, time killer.

its really fun adn kinda a new way to play a defend game only it makin people happy

Quality Control?

Why is it new and hip to create flashes without a quality control option? This game runs terribly because of being forced to high quality, and it's not like it's graphically intensive that it NEEDS to be in high quality to look good.

If I could run it at something over 4 FPS and in low quality, I bet I'd be loving it.