Reviews for "Omniwitch"

Awesome fusion, awesome soloing, unexpected harmony and rhythm changes. The xylophone it gives a slightly Zappa feel.
Great work, a definitive "MUST LISTEN".

violets are blue,
roses are red,
rate 5 or blitzcrank will grab you

i forgot how much i love jazz.

I love it whenever some funk and jazz is incorporated into rock. Makes it more active and complex. Great job here man, was this made with live instruments, VSTs, or a mixture of both?

Kor-Rune responds:

The drums are sequenced; it is a VST called AddictiveDrums. Everything else is either a live guitar, live bass, or live keyboard part.

Thanks for the review!

Sounds alot like Animals As Leaders O.o I dunno how to feel about this I like it but it seems very similar >.> I like it though