Reviews for "Omniwitch"

violets are blue,
roses are red,
rate 5 or blitzcrank will grab you

Everyone else's reviews are all long an imposing and stuff.
I just want to say that this is so stupidly engaging and enjoyable.
Thank you for making this. ouo

NGADM 3 and stuff.

Masterful execution, yet again. And again, the prog influence really shines through, I hear a lot of Dream Theater style switch ups in here, and that can be nothing but a good thing. The sheer variety of what's going on in this song, the different themes, instruments, styles, etc. is jaw dropping, and I really enjoyed listening to it.

However, I was a little disappointed that you didn't manage any vocals this time around (However I did not dock points for this), and I do have to say this wasn't quite as impressive as your previous submissions, while everything was very well done, nothing really popped out as absolutely amazing like sections of previous works. And I do have to agree that this one felt a little bit directionless. And I do think the ending should have been done a little different, as the abrupt cut off just didn't sound natural at all.

Overall though, amazing work, masterful execution, just needs a little bit more cohesion. 8/10.

Omniwitch suffers from the same problems as Child of the Trough. There's
no definiing main melody, and the overall feel changes every so often that
there's little to no coherence in the track. Once again, this sounds like
an improv of some sort that randomly branches off into an eventual sudden
halt. I feel that once again not using your strongest musical ability,
your voice, has also contributed to this track's shortcomings. Mixing, as
usual was excellent.

Here's your round 3 review! It'll be a bit harsher than your previous reviews once more. Harsher the closer to the end we get!

The Good:
-This is a pretty cool jazz/rock fusion thing with a lot of little awesome bits all over the entire place.
-Oh my god that intro. Is so awesome. I love the piano and stuff, it sounds really cool. I would have LOVED if you developed the ideas in the intro specifically.
-You certainly did keep the crowd-pleaser arpeggios.
-Chord progression for most of it is pretty awesome.
-Mixing's a lot better this time around particularly compared to your round 1 song.
-I particularly like the little 'suspension' (can't think of a better word) at 1:01-1:03 and later in the song. Granted it was a bit odd and offsetting initially, but on later listens it was better.
-You really got more creative with the different instruments you used in this song which I REALLY liked.

The Not-So-Good:
-If you remember, I had said that this has a lot of little awesome bits all over the place. Unfortunately, if it were a sentence, it would be an extremely long run-on sentence because it has no periods throughout most of it and goes ALL over the place. There is but a single word I need to say what you need: Transitions. Won't go into specific places, because the issues with transitions are basically throughout the entire song.
-Keeping with the analogy of the run-on sentence, it then ends abruptly in the middle of a word. Needs an ending rather than just a cutoff.
-Unfortunately, after I had listened to this a few times I realized 90% of the melody is in the chords. Other than that it's mainly arpeggios. More real melodies pl0x.
-Few nitpicky things about the intro: The ride coming in at 0:11 is a bit too loud IMO. Also, the chord you used initially at 0:21 seems a bit too... typical for what you've been doing - that's not bringing down your score, but still.

Overall: Using what I said earlier in the review... This is a pretty cool jazz/rock fusion thing with a lot of little awesome bits all over the place but it's a run-on sentence with no periods and only a few commas occasionally pausing the flow only in the middle of a sentence rather than between each section so it sounds like you're trying to say a lot in one veeeeeeeeeeery long breath so I hope that cleared up the problems with. 8/10