Reviews for "F-777 - Deadlocked (Full)"

Since i heard your songs for the first time (He's a pirate (remix) ), i kept my ears open for new songs... and freakingly you still amaze me with such epic songs : type and style change, but keep the quality and the entertaining... So really, HOW THE F**K CAN YOU KEEP ME SO ADDICTED TO YOUR FB PAGE ?!?

nice job once again dude, thanks a lot for this song again, keep up that work (or i kill you !)
(Seb Hamard)

Hell yeah, dude! I'm gettin' all the way down to this!

F-777 responds:

Im glad you like it!!!

How do you do that O.O i'll never be that good.

I can't beleive I havent written a reveiw for this track yet.

Masterful House. Truly epic.
The 'lazy intro' fits perfectly. Props bra.

Ahem the intro is not lazy