Reviews for "F-777 - Deadlocked (Full)"

Since i heard your songs for the first time (He's a pirate (remix) ), i kept my ears open for new songs... and freakingly you still amaze me with such epic songs : type and style change, but keep the quality and the entertaining... So really, HOW THE F**K CAN YOU KEEP ME SO ADDICTED TO YOUR FB PAGE ?!?

nice job once again dude, thanks a lot for this song again, keep up that work (or i kill you !)
(Seb Hamard)

It's the perfect combination of bassy wubs and epic synths. GAAAHHH! My FAVORITES SECTION IS FILLING UP WITH F-777 SONGS!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING (not that that's bad or anything)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I made a profile just so that I could comment and say how much i love your music!! Keep up the great work my good sir!!!

F-777 responds:

Now thats hardcore awesome! Im too lazy to make new accounts so you are officially my hero hahaha!

Ah, good. I had heard the preview yesterday thinking "If this is the preview, then the full thing should be awesome."
Oh, would you look at that, it is awesome. Voted, Favorited, and Downloaded.

F-777 responds:

Hahaha thanks so much for the awesome review Brokendwarf!

Really awesome, dude! Gotta love your work. Every time you come out with a new song, I download it instantly. XD I got Smashing Stuff when that came out that day, I got Chinese Dance Machine the day it released, and now I'm downloading this, too!
Excellent work, man! Keep it up! Can't WAIT to see the nest track you release!

F-777 responds:

Holy S***! Lol you are AWESOME! Thank you so freaking much!