Reviews for "F-777 - Deadlocked (Full)"


Seriously i don't what to say! XD

lol about that lazy intro, but you definitely made up for it. This experiment wasn't bad at all, and given what most synthesized music sounds like alot of the time you did a good job not letting things get stale. You also did a surprisingly good job layering the sound at some point in the song and due to laziness I'll just let you figure out what I'm talking about.

It's fucking 3:38 AM wtf am i doing on NG audio?!

hmm, you've made better. it's not really... dynamic? idk if i use the terms right, but i think it could b more energetic, mroe diverse, that's what i'm used to hearing from you. well all put together i can see why you choose to upload this to newgrounds :D
but hey as u said it's an experiment

I most certainly approve.
Hear that? The Other Other God approves.
Honestly, you are tons better than you were when I first heard your music. (I think I had D.A.N.C.E on my iPod. Was it called that?)

The Other Other God.