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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"

it's a really cool game!!!

could you send me the .swf file please because i get errors when i play the game on newgrounds, please send me the .swf file

keep up teh good work!!!

This is amazing....

Even without talking about the hentai quality in this game, this is amazing. The graphics were great, the music was good the girl was hot and it was even kinda like an RPG. This is the best Sim game on Newgrounds, for sure. Can't wait for the full game!


I think, you should edit your graphics.
If the grafics were better, it would make much more fun to play it.
I want more XXX pictures of her and that I can view my exp without talking to her.
Sometimes it is much too hard to get her dates (like height, waist, etc.), would edit that too.
End is not so good as I hoped but idea and realization are very good.
The games in her room are sometimes much too difficult, I think. The ask button doesn't work in her room.

Enjoyed the game...

sim-man responds:

I will try to improve the graphix,but it is really tough to draw in flash...
the game is a bit tough but after a few practices it should be ok. Try move your mouse b4 getting to the scene.
Ask in the room is a special command like in the early part of the game, you can only ask when the exp reach 6000 and that way you can finish the game.

Kick Ass!

Excellent job, chummer!

Close to flawless as it is IMO...

The bonus game is fairly difficult due to the motion being slightly jerky, but it's not too bad - it is possible to succeed so it comes off more as a challenge than an annoyance. Also it's a little dull in the beginning when you are just building up your levels, but this is okay in my opinion since you need to do that to get ahead with the girl. Other than those two points mentioned, you've done everything very well and it's close to flawless as it is right now. Excellent work.