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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"


It's a great game but the ending movie is kinda cappy. No offence but take some drawing lessons man.

One of the greats!!

This game is possibly my favorite game on newgrounds.....other than the sequels to this game. The violence needs a little bit of improvement. The humor, graphics, and sound were good. The style and interactivity were perfection. The game to me is sorta challenging....only because i've tried playing it 15 times and i havent even been able to get the girl to talk to me. Oh well....better luck next time I suppose. Peace out Ya'll!!

so nice, so worth to be waiting for!

i'm a chinese and i don't know whether my English can be understand. i just wanna say; i'm so like it! and i visit here now and then to find the update. i like swim the best :). and i hope there are more inside gameplay and battle in the coming new Ver. thanks for the auther's great work, for the fun u give me. expect for the new Ver, and hope it's not for long!

Underwear Day is the best event EVER

I love this game! ^_^ Though having a weakness for dating sims in general doesn't hurt.

I think you should work on finishing the other two (3? There's another slot on the status screen...) girls. Other than that, the game is just about perfect...

Full version

It's really good game! Please give us the full version.