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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"

I replay this game every couple years. I was playing this shit in like 2007 when I was 10. I got home from school two hours before mom and dad got home. Damn, I've been through a journey and this thing has been with me every step of the way. I hope it can stay with me for another 15 years. Thanks, I really appreciate this.

This is a classic and saving this through review. Played this 15 years ago when my parents weren’t looking and now its...the same

So much porn... ughhhhh...

Weird that this has almost 50 million views on here and yet I’ve never heard of this game... good game tho, especially for 2002

I used to play this a lot, even back when it was in Beta. I finally saw DNA2, and was surprised how much of the story I already knew, lol.