Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"


I loved the game and every thing about it, but i dont like how the only way to play the other 5 resteraunts is to buy it :(
but still is an awesome game well worth playing.


This game is really addictive. You've done a great job.
And to balldon flip to the very back off the sushi book the special is 4 rice, 2 seaweed, 1 fish egg and 2 shrimp.

Who thought serving virtual raw fish could be fun?

That person was right! I really enjoyed this game. Challenging. And, yes, it got repetetive, but later kept me on my toes, especially with that special order, that kicked my butt!


Great fun...good variety. Im guessing you were inspired a bit by Drunken Masters? Seems similar to me...but obviously sushi/alchohol. Great work on this one!


this is one of the only games were i had/wanted to pay attention to the game so of course this gets a 10/10 in my book