Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

A great game really!

A great piece of work like this passes judgement, and, almost certainly, goes to front page!!
Great work man!!!

youda has done it again

great as usual damn them for only putting out demos though

Great game!

Too bad it's a demo, but I guess you gotta pay the bills somehow. But as I much as I like this game, I would rather pay 20 bucks for a used console game. Not that I'm negotiating prices, but I value this game at around 5 dollars.

As for the game itself, this has a similar gameplay as "Drunken Masters" where you serve customers some requested mix of ingredients. You have to be quick because customers are generally impatient, and you have various techniques available to prolong the customer's stay such as serving sake or "flairing". Unlike Drunken Masters, the ingredients are limited in quantity, so placing orders is added to the gameplay mix as well as the idea of wasting ingredients on bad sushi. Also, making group reservations and "to-go" orders added more to the variety.

The graphics, sounds, and gameplay are excellent enough to make this game addicting. The only lame part is entertaining with the kitchen knife; I would like to be able to freehand move the knife around (maybe without hurting anyone). The knife could also have been used to prepare certain ingredients from delivery.

Now if somebody will make a game about Hibachi grilling, I will die happy.

awesome game, loved it

really good comcept and fun to play great job :)


i love this game