Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"


I loved the game and every thing about it, but i dont like how the only way to play the other 5 resteraunts is to buy it :(
but still is an awesome game well worth playing.


This game is really addictive. You've done a great job.
And to balldon flip to the very back off the sushi book the special is 4 rice, 2 seaweed, 1 fish egg and 2 shrimp.

Don't midn it being a demo

and don't let these people here bother you what they dont' realize is yoru giving them entertainment until it ends and hoping they will ay for the rest of the game.

It really is a great game and there may be game similar to this but this is the best designed one so far.

Only thing that annoyed me was when plates started making themselves though it helped at times jsut got a bit annoying.

Great game though would love to play the whole game but im broke so sorry can't do that.

"Hurry!!! More Rice NOW"

This game is GREAT! I love it. not only can you buy any upgrades you want but you can name your own restaurants whatever you want! As i progressed my customers kept me steppin' with ordering new dishes and take away orders. VERY GOOD GAME!!!

10000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10

so good im glad that youda does not make you pay for this its there best im so happy