Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Why bother?

Why bother with buying premium? I was disappointed when I was going really good and then I had to stop. But because of what I had played, I had absolutely no urge to buy premium as I was somewhat satisfied already.

What else would premium offer us (You didn't tell us exactly)? The chance to do the exact same thing but just in 5 more different restaurants under a new name? Personally, I think charging us for the whole game was not a smart move.

I have given you a 7 because I enjoyed what I did play, but you would have gotten a 10 if I could have played the whole thing.

great game...

really enjoyed the game...very disappointing that there was no disclaimer to say that this was a demo...and i agree with others that $20 is too much for a flash game...game was good though

what the hell

im wid wank eye on this u didint say it's a demo also it might be a good game but 20$? what the hell u sellin with it? i could walk down to walmart and buy at least 4 games with that with better graphix, longer gaming, and better gaming hell i could even get a mmorpg they update every week and i could play for free just pay for the cd. ha ha 20$ u gota be kiddin. that servant game i fergot the name of costed less then this and i can buy it at a store and was better then this.


cool its in german ^^


yay there are getting more and more games where dutch langauge is availble!!!!!