Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Bad! >:O

Pay to play?! That's completely idiotic! I'd rather play ''sushi go round'' (or something like that) because that game i just told is the same as this, just free.

They have demos

So you can test the game and see if you're interested in the real version. It's marketing and a lot of other things. They wouldn't be doing good business, like the fellow Tindap said below me, to just give it away. Not only that, but the price of the game goes to all the work they put into it. Do you have ANY idea how much work goes into this kind of game? I honestly don't believe you do because you wouldn't be so quick to complain. The game is of good quality, their are varieties of options to choose from/buy which is something I'm keen about. One thing I am not so fond of (fondue! no just kidding. I've never even had fondue...) is how little ingredients you start out with. I'm sure if I had gotten farther in the game, I'd have been able to buy an extra tool that allowed me to hold more or have more at first. But, other than all of that, I really enjoyed the game :D Though, if this is how my restaurant would have been run, an angry mob would chase me out of the country. :(

Good job :)

BLARGH; to the other reviewers!

Dear god... You're all such moany buggers.

Youda's a company.. Who make games, in order to sell them... To make money... T_T

THAT is why they want you to buy their game... Jesus...

It's not like a 'business' is gonna spend all that time developing a game, just to give it away to the leaching lowlifes that think newgrounds is merely a place for you to get FR33B135!


I enjoyed it.

9 from me. :l

Whats the Point?

Well that was an anti-climax to what is a very addictive, superb game! Pay to play further - Dream on! You should take this game to Facebook. You might have more luck trying to get money out of people there.

Great game

Great game but I'll have to give it a 4/10 cuz of the premium version thing...