Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

this game is okay but...

its exactly like sushi go round

Very good

When I was loading it up, I didn't expect much. I even named my restaurant "Shitball" (And when I read the special of the day I LOLed so hard)

The content is meant to be a purchased and sold. Like with Big Fish...or Miniclip was it? Might I suggest you lower the price of a strictly HDD direct download game to something less than 24$ <.< Not like you need to manufacture any physical materials. And the game's content is nothing special. If it were say around 15$ I'd consider buying it.

For the gamer, this is a Memory and Time Management game. Not unlike many other FREE sushi games like this. Or other games in this genre like Diner Dash.

Graphics - Pretty nice (At 24$ it better be since the idea isn't original at all)
Game Play - Addicting and progressively more challenging for casual gamers.
Audio - Fitting music, I sure hope the retail version has more than ONE song?
Content - It offers a pretty nice selection of improvements for your restaurant, and making people happy.

I rate this game a TRY IT!! At 24$ retail, it's a pass. Not original enough among the other similar titles to spend that much on something I can play in full for free...

I make perfect rolls every time

seriously, in real life, I don't always make the best rolls (not that I make sushi everyday, but the few times I've made them, they've been hit or miss). The game wasn't too bad. You really remember some of the dishes early on. I never had an upset customer or lost a customer. Apparently, they like you messing up on knife tricks every time, since it always lands in the table. I wonder where the other sushi chefs are at. I guess preparing sushi early isn't a bad strategy, but having to press order all gets annoying. The music is all right, it fits the mood. The visual effects . . . made me feel like I was playing a game pre-programmed into the computer . . . which is all right if you're competing with those games and not the usual bells and whistles flash games on this site, and it seems like you are. The game is a lot of rote memorization, time management, and a little micromanagement, in a sense (just because I want to say I did xD). It's not a bad game, but this game won't appeal to everyone. I'm not saying it's a hardcore game, but as for a casual feel, this felt a little too strong for me. There's really no storyline, which isn't bad, although it makes me wonder what kind of supply people you have, and why it only costs ¥50 to speed up deliveries in general. Cheap labor . . . o.o Although we can go with cheap restaurant names like "Penis" so you can get the "Penis Special", I went with "Your Mom Is". The women who received it every time really felt appreciated, which made me go, "wow . . . my bad joke actually fits this situation!" Since there's the whole premium option, I don't really like the game. You get seven days, where you'll never fully upgrade your restaurant. Still, it's fun for what you offer. Keep up the great work! ^.^

Amazing work!

This is a great mini game. You might want to consider selling this to online places like webkins or such because its rather fun.


Very addicting game!
- A very handy feature would of been choosing order amounts.
( Possible upgrades on how much you get per order of an item ? )

I made it to day 9 before a single person every went down to 4 dots.
( Too bad you couldn't see your own chef and customize him/her as well )