Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"


I loved the game, but got bored at the fifth level.
Its simply too repetetive to finish and the 3D graphics take a heavily toll on the speed of the game. I would rather 2S graphics and a smoother game

Greedy customers

The quality of this game was great, though the music got old VERY fast. The game play however suffered for many reasons (at least as far as I got before I got board) The game is just to slow to do anything right, every time a customer would come in and order something another would come in and order the same thing but they would take the others order; and the VERY slow conveyor belt didn't help things. It made the game very annoying and just made me not want to play after only 10 minutes. Maybe there where upgrades later in the game for this but I just couldn't stick around to find out.

Excellent quality

This is a well produced flash game.


everything is perfect but too bad u have 2 pay for the other restrantes
very good grafis and game play i surprized u don't have 2 pay for the first bit keep up the good work


I still can't believe I played a game like this without paying..