Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Totally addicted!

I totally love this game. I wish we had the whole version for free though :( The price is a bit much.

The game is very addicting and becomes a major disappointment once you are asked to purchase the rest of the game at the end of the 7th day (level). I would have given the game 10 stars if it wasn't for this.

Btw I'm still getting my "fix" by playing the 7th day over and over and over...

From the look of the other reviews, the game would turn over a great profit if they simply lowered their price... *tears* I wanna build me a sushi empire!

This game is awesome...

but like previous reviews... i have to complain about the price... a little steep


i love this game

Better than youda marina...

This game is almost worth paying for.


Even though the game looks like it was designed for kids, this game is fun and requires you to have good memory. Too bad it was a demo though...