Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Great game, bad publishing...

I never played games like that, because they were boring but that game was fun. I donÄt know anything you could do better INGAME but... demo?? that sucks! next time write it to the description big and fat, that this is a demo.


why did my order always come out as a pile of shit with a happy face.. i dont get it?


I like these kinds of games and i like this game idea conept nad all its fun fast paced nd if it werent premium id keep playing.

Loved it......

But i cba with ppl trying to sell a game.......
Don't submit a demo when your gonna try sell it to us just submit full free games.


i liked it alot and was i way sad when the demo was over! plz include the fact that its a demo next time ^_^