Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Look at the price

the game is fun. it's a demo, ok. But the thing that is not ok is the price for the full version. 15$ for a flash game?

nice but didn't say it was a demo

it's a really fun game, but i think there should be some kinda warning that it's a demo. I mean when I completed my first restaurant I was just in the mood for more and then the go premium screen just pops up... but really enjoyable overall

There was a bartender game before this one...

And it was a full game, not a demo. Makes me sad, I did all that to be told I had to pay for it with cold hard cash?! LOL i don't think so. It was fun but not that fun.

mmmmmmm sushii

this game make me hungry!
now i want some sashimi

great game, probably the 1st of its genre...i never saw a restaurant genre before !
nice idea to mix puzzle game with management games

Really Fun Game

This game is very catchy and has good graphics. I liked the gameplay and the whole business idea