Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"


This game really keeps you moving... too bad its only a demo


omfg that gme is soo freekin hard even if you put it on super easy wtf??

the game needs to be alllot better like how fast the delivery people come
and when it says the food will go to people super fast.... it needs to go to them super fast not 2 miles faster, like 10 miles faster

Good But a Demo

It's a Demo and the whole game is 15 bucks for a flash game.


This is truly a nice game. It really played well and kept me on the seat of my chair until the end. Mo that's not true. Until the point you stood up and said: "Wanna keep playing? Pay!".
I really liked the game, and I would have had to make a choice between 7 and 8, however I don't like this sneaky way of advertising, so it gets -0.5 point*. Then you go and rob yourself of another point by blatantly lying in your comments where it states that it has 6 restaurants. (alright, you never said 6 restaurants without having to pay, but still you lied. And you knew you did, right when you did.) In the end you get a meager 6 for it all.
You can do better! Just don't be so focused on the money next time.

*-0.5 is compared to just having one restaurant and never mentioning any other

Not that great

I had more fun playing Sushi No Suki by Vaisaga Project. It was cartoon art instead of '3d' (and I sort of hate being patronized by '3d' for no reason), and it was far less complicated and more representational. What's the point of putting so much into the graphics and presentation? I didn't even have to look very long to know I'm not going to bother playing this sushi game because I already have one to frustrate the hell out of me whenever I want it.