Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"


but if you wanna play full version download it from torrentz.com


fucking awesome. and i would have been a lot more happy if it was the full game. i hate paying for flash. . .

Great game, would have rated higher but its a demo

Honestly, this game surprised me. When I first started playing I was expecting a corny graphical pile of deuce, but what I got was actually a lot better. It brings me back to the day's of dinner dash, and other games much similar to that, only this version uses a conveyor belt to deliver food to your customers. The art in this game was astoundingly beautiful, a bit cartoonist for my tastes, but beautiful. The recipes were complex, but not enough to break your brain, the only one that got me was the <Your shop name> Special. Upgrade's were well planned out, and priced accordingly. The music fit the theme thankfully, and was very relaxing. The game punished you if you rushed, because you didn't keep up with the recipes in the book {this also for the new player who didn't play the tutorial} Recipes got more and more complex as the game went on, prompting you to get one of the phone upgrades so that you could order more. The only reason I didn't give this 10/10, was because I have to pay over fifteen bucks for this. Sorry man, if I wanted a pay to play, I'd get an actual game for my console.

Lol i agree

The game was very nice but i really agree with you jorel. My little bro was watching me play and laughed every time he saw the pile'o'shit roll bye. lol

alternate reality

well that game was very nice I would say but mistakes = to shit.. LMAO it would just look like mountain of food but not shit.