Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

this stinks ...

don't play this game it stinks alot. it is nice thought but i really worked hard on it u won't belive i had the money enough to buy everything. and my neck just felt like cracking and falling down at the end of the game.

Why a damn demo

Plain as that...

To Hell with Demos

Newgrounds is for free stuffs, not demos. Plus you didn't say this was a demo. The rating would've been much higher if it were not a fucking demo.

Good Game

Good Game But it Makes Me Hungry.


It was good, great graphics easy game play.However, it was challenging at the same time, and that is good.It is difficult when you mess up on a dish.The vacuum came in handy there!

I didn't like the buy our premium version though.We all need to make money, but that is not good, beans on how much it ends up costing.

by the way, SUSHI FOREVER!