Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Was having a ton of fun...

I usually do not like job simulation flash games, but this one was different. The aspect of actually being a sushi chef made it somewhat interesting. The game was put together very well and all the additional bonuses to either your cooking supplies or to the environment of the restaurant we're very well thought out. However like others have pointed out the inability to continue playing was a MAJOR let down.

You should at least allow the ability to continue playing with only one restaurant, so players could able to fully upgrade it. All in all, very fun game. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will actually spend the money needed to go premium, I just won't be one of them.


okay yes, good game, but fucking A poeple, no one is gonna go premium just to play the rest of it, no they're gonna go onto another website to play it all the way through. this, is, bullshit...


Im sure 50% of the people playing this game named their chef "Youda".

Great Game

if it was a full game it was a ten i was having so much fun than it kick me out cause i don't have premium and that's where i cut 5 stars from is when you cant keep playing a game i mean come on nobody pays for flash games anymore there are torrents and web sites where you can get it for free im going to go get full version now free but I'm just sayin save the hassle and post full version sorry but you earned the low score.

Good fun

This game is challenging, it has good graphics, and it's addictive. I only wish I had the moneys to play the full version, but alas, I don't. THats ok. I had a great time with the sushi rail. Thats what it's like in japan. Thanks for the fun :) Imma go eat sushi now.... ;)