Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

Great game!

But it's not worth $20. There are a LOT of games like this and even when those are only like $10 at most.

The graphics were good, the upgrades were useful and the game was fast paced fun but in the end...it's just a demo. I was able to unlock some fun stuff with just the demo, though it makes me hope that people that pay get more unlockable content.

But yeah, this game is not special. These types of games are very common. However, it was still fun to play and I wish it wasn't just a demo.


Great game i totally loved EVERYTHING and i was so excited about opening my second restaurant when suddenly BOOM (spoiler here D:) that thing about paying shows on screen... man... (spoiler ends here) i was so disappointed but you have a great game here i had never been so addicted to a game 9/10 because of the ending... sorry


It's addicting as all hell o.o Too bad I would have loved to play more if it weren't 20 effing dollars >_<


Painfully Addictive, Might've bought it if it wasn't 20 f'cking dollars. This game is worth 7.50 MAX

Nice graphics, but

it gets boring even before it demands money, and a no flash game is worth $20. You could get a real game for that much. This game is worth about $2 at most. Also, Newgrounds is not not the place to be making money and submitting demos. I've seen many games with more effort than this one that were completely free.