Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

pay... nuff said

dont like the fact that you have to pay for full game. this is newgrounds where you put adds on ur game but not have to subscribe for it. thats pretty annoying and i bet newgrounds is going to be getting a lot of these games if the mods dont start doing somthing about this and this will make a lot of people stop coming to newgrounds (hint hint mods been a fan for 5 years and loved it but this might end that. )


i love this game but most of my points 4 4 the music... u have 2 tell me wair i can get it its so peacefull.

that and the game rocks ovo :P


The game was awesome.

I would rate 10/10 if i didnt have to pay for the rest of the game.
The speed rating was great and i enjoyed the game and didnt really get that bored.


Copying is not a very problem, but you are trying to make people PAY FOR IT?

The interface is the same, playability is the same, a little improvements but it is a copy, no one shoud pay for it, and I have to give you 0/5 and 0/10, I like your other games, but this one, even with better graphics and some improvements, is still a copy of the Newgrounds User "MiniClip"

I admit it, I would give you a better score (Maybe 5/5?) because it is good, and the fact it is "stolen" do not erase the work you had done nor the game itself, but you are trying to make people PAY for it, so it is 0/5 and 0/10 indeed and no more.

Can not support this kind of attitude.


i agree with kernira, you copyed sushi go round and made people pay for this game