Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

It's a nice demo, but...

I understand that you might have bills to pay. You made what looks like a great game, so you want to make money off of it. Great. They problem here is that I can't find anything that makes me want to buy it. Is there more upgrades in the different locations? What are they? What kind of storyline does it have? Do you start having guest whose importance varies, so that you have to make their order first? Do people start ordering multiple dishes, making it harder to please them in the time given? Do I ever get to make food for more than one table? How many recipes can I expect to have to learn? I don't know, so you don't get paid.


i cant even go to the next screen without u asking can we store stuff on ur comp it reminds me of somone asking me ill give u 100 pennies for ur 1 5 dollar bill what do u think this game sucked and so do u ppl maybe u should go into the pie makeing business

Awesomely Disappointing

Its a great game that sets you up ready to spend your whole day playing it. Start to finish, but it turns out to be a demo and then your whole world crashes and you have to find some other time-suck of a game to play... =/ Still an awesome game. Should have made 10/10.


I loved it, I really did, but when I have to pay $20 at the end to keep going, that gave you a -6 for a perfect 10, that is the gayest thing you could do is try to make money like that,.

please if you're going to submit a game, don't try to haggle people into buying things, that's sooo not cool.

not cool Dunja

first u copy the game then try to make people pay for it when on a lot of other websites it free!