Reviews for "Youda Sushi Chef"

OH.......... you suck

I love that game untill I was doing really well and I found out it was just a demo and I was about to go to your site to play it but then I found out you have to BUY it.

you suck

You should have mentionted that this is a DEMO!

It is kind of absurd to post this on here boasting "6 restaurants with your own made up names" when this is in fact a DEMO and after a week you try to charge people. It is a fun game, but like people have said before you don't make it clear what paying $20 gets you, and $20 is a helluva fukken lot to pay for a flash game.

That combined with the fact that you disguised this as the full thing gets you a really low score on an otherwise great game.

It's a great game.

A respectable addition to this genre of game. The learning curve is smooth and the gameplay is fun. The graphics are great.

But twenty dollars for the full version? To "open five more resturants." What the hell does that even mean? More upgrades or what? Clicking the link to buy it does nothing but bring you to an order form. I would have thrown in for five dollars, but not twenty, especially when I have no idea what I'm paying for.

Really entertaining

I like the customization and the concept of a restaurant owner rpg. Only downside is only being able to play a week and then have to pay... I play games on newgrounds because I can't afford to buy new games all the time.


Why demo i got so far u just ruined my day :(--(------<