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Reviews for "Bastardized Johnny"

johnny test

why would jonny sing nood

JoSilver responds:

The better question is... Why wouldn't he?

it appears as if no one gets the reference. Anyways if you've ever seen the opening credits for Johnny Test you'd know that he is singing as he changes into all the WACKY things his sisters change him into. one of those transformation is of him in his female form... thus why he/she is singing.

I guess the show wasn't popular enough for people to get that... :\

Show has been out for more than one year.

It used to be on a different channel that doesn't exist anymore. Scary art, though.

JoSilver responds:

I don't think I made it scary enough.

"Bastardized" summarizes it well

Even if the rules of the internet say that, they should also say that each one should have an intersting pose/ understandle theme and not look kinda ugly

JoSilver responds:

If those were the rules the internet would be a better place...

If that rule is the case

I have yet to see the female version of Johnny Quest.

JoSilver responds:

Then you haven't looked. =p

i love johnny.

i really do. so this. this made me happy. i thank you. this is really nice too lol!! i really like how the nipples look, their cute. :p the show is good, cuz he has funny lil things, but it sorta gets old on you after you watch too much...good show, good show... :3

JoSilver responds:

I have failed....!

Glad you liked it though!