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Reviews for "Bastardized Johnny"

i love the internet rules,

im surprised you even stated them,
great job on the art, its, simple, yet too the style of the original artist.
good job.

JoSilver responds:

I was trying to capture the style of the show. I hate it when people try to put there own spin on stuff, if ask me it's just wrong. If I try to copy something that cause I like it as is. Not that there anything wrong with that. I just don't do things that way.

It's for this reason I rarely draw fan art and junk.

title sequence

I'm a geek that has no life and there was already rule 63 in the opening sequence of the show. you did make a rule 34 of the rule 63 though.

JoSilver responds:

Actually, that was not on the internet so it therefor could not comply with rule 63 of the INTERNET. But, what do I know?


middle good pick, but if you don't know who's jhonny test u can't inderstand this image, still trying

It's not that the show's unpopular, it just sucks.

Anyways, this pic disturbs me on many levels, and I rather hate Johnny Test, so I cannot give a particularly fair rating.

awsome pic

what site and send me a link its cool but jonnny test and suggestion make the sisters please respond in privet message