Reviews for "Impossible Quiz?"


plz don't try to put another Chucky next time!!!! X(

whats that dot in the corner of the first question

hhah great

great idea with the TAB button
questions are really hard too
you should get the hints out
givin some lives would be cool cuz its sukz when ya hav 2 replay every question again.
you should improve the graphics.
its a really great game i must say.

Not Bad...

Not bad at all. It was like an impossible quiz, with a good amount of trivia and trick questions in there. I like how you put a checkpoint in there, so you don't have to go though all the questions every single time. I also liked how you asked questions about stuff I didn't bother to remember. That got me on more than one occasion. Also, that button that took you back to before the checkpoint gave me a good shock when I clicked it.

However, the game could be better. I suggest adding some music to the game. It really helps going though the previous questions if you have something to listen to. Also, I would suggest removing the *ding* sound every time you get a question right. It sounds ok the first couple of times though it but it gets annoying after a while. Other than that, I would suggest adding more questions. Not bad overall. I look forward to taking (and hopefully completing) your next quiz. :)

Not bad.

Could have been worse. Some of the questions have a definite style and are quite funny to find, but it's nowhere near as good as the proper "Impossible quiz".

For one, it's too short (only 20 questions?) and some of them were just unfair. By the way, mince is not an ingredient of a mince pie - not for some time now.

Make more cryptic questions rather than silly trivia, and make it longer, and you might get a better score. Still, this isn't too bad, kept me going for a few minutes.