Reviews for "SMB2: Credits Theme"

Oh wow

This brings back such nostalgic memories. :D

Krykos responds:

Ditto (the expression, not the Pokémon). =P


i like it when it starts at :43

I really like it.

It stands completely (I think I misspelled that) true to the classic tune that has satisfied us all for years. Thank you very much for creating this little tune which, I believe, can stand among all other famous NG songs as a classic remix.

Krykos responds:

No, you spelt "completely" right. And cheers for the comment.

SImply awesome

And its perfect if you set the badgers to it

kool awesom hmm...

THose wurdz cant describe how n=much i like this song especially the ending gave me a happy feeling not the weird way but calm nice happiness ya know