Reviews for "SMB2: Credits Theme"

Wow, this brings back memories.

This game got me hooked on the other video games, and the music made me play it over and over again just to listen to it...The game that started it all for me...God I miss the old games. Simplistic, but entertaining to the point that you wanted to play it over and over again...

(And if anyone is wondering where this is used in Castle Crashers, you'll have to beat the game to find it...*Laughs evilly*...Wait, I just told them. Crud.)

Krykos responds:

If you're gonna laugh evil-y, don't be so sympathetic over it. =]

Very good song

But where was it in castle crashing the beard?

Krykos responds:

In the credits. You have to beat the game in order to hear it.



Krykos responds:

You should take your Ritalin more often.


im sorry to say this but when the song goes a little lighter it sounds kust like wario land 3 on gb color! i mean the whole song is really good but i just wanted to sya that. good luyck! :D

Krykos responds:

Never played it, though Wario Land 4 was ace.

;-( emotional!

it gave me a very pleasant mood, the most by the last part!!!
you're great with such things, try making more of this stuff, cuz its great!!

Krykos responds:

Be sure to check out my soundclick and myspace pages for more songs. There's a range of genres I've tried making songs in.