Reviews for "SMB2: Credits Theme"


I wish i could give a way better score then ten this is so awsome it almost made me shed a tear please keep up the good work


I just imagine people standing up in front of there T.V and NES in the first bit and saluting.

10/10 5/5


I remember when I was about 5, I watched my brother beat this game and this song always made me cry for some reason.

Hearing it remixed so amazingly beautifully awesomely great is bringing a tear to my eye again.

If I could rate you higher than a 10, I would.


Dude That's the kind of music I wanna hear. I'm 11,so yeah... FUCKIN' AWESOME!!!

I love it :)

really like this music, specially after 00:44 that's the best part ^^. I wish this will be in the Castle Crashers on XBLA that would rock :)

Krykos responds:

"I wish this will be in the Castle Crashers"

You and I both. =)