Reviews for "SMB2: Credits Theme"

Yays! Retroness!

I love retro remakes or just stuff ripped from retro consoles then posted on here! Thank you for bringing this to my ears for the first time (well besides in Castle Crashing - The Beard!) I've never played retro games like SMB and SMB2!

SO many memories

THis makes me feel as if i've just beat the hardest game ever and now millions of people are congradulating me

I can still remember this

This is proper good! It sounds like it should be in a Wii remake of SMB2.


I friggin loved this song when I first heard it.That was back then.NOW I still love it,but not as much since because its not the real SMB2,but hey,If Nintendo didn't make that decision,we all wouldn't have heard this masterpiece.Even if it is not the true game.I actually would've gave you a 9 or 8 but until when I heard the last bit,it actually reminded me of when I first heard it and that deserves a 5 & 10!


This brings back memories....and I love what you did with the start
Great work