Reviews for "SMB2: Credits Theme"


an amazing song!!!!!


SMB2 is one of my all-time favorite games, I must have heard the original 1000 times as a kid, and your remix leaves nothing wanting. For those reasons we chose it for the ending credits of Castle Crashing the Beard. Superb job!

Krykos responds:

Oh wow. I know I'm a bit late to reply, but I was totally oblivious to that fact that you had to used this in the game. After all, it's quite hard to beat.

Thanks for the love.


It like sex to my ears. I want more like this one please.

^__^ Great

Great! I really liked it, but as the guy before me said, it sounded too "sunth-y" for what you were aiming at. Try and find some better strings.

I can't get the transition right when I play it on my keyboard, I can do the first half pretty good, but the second half just get's me all screwy with the three things going on.

Looks like you did a good job. Fivened!

Krykos responds:

First off, thank you for the praise. Secondly it's "synth-y" (it's a typo, I know). It's hard for me to actually find any good synths on the Internet as they're either bad, or cost a lot, so until I find a good one, I'm stuck to what I've got. And keep on practicing on your keyboard, I'm sure you'll get it eventually. =P

Very nice, but lacks something...

A very nice remix from Super Mario Brothers 2 - Credits, but it lacks something... like something... like this... anything xD

Anyhow, keep it up and check out my new MGS Remix, will ya? :P

Krykos responds:

Lol, specific. And sure, I'll check out your remix.