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Reviews for "Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5"

Take out all the glitches.

Can't give a thorough review since my gun jammed (couldn't reload, shoot, blah blah blah) on my 5 shot. That pretty much makes the game...not fun?

was aight

seemed a little too easy and slow, the aiming was a little bit off and the music wasnt all that actiony but it was a pretty fun game

Yea... About that

The game is sub par... Cons- Many glitches,can shoot through anything, guys can shoot through glass, the people blend in perfectly on the street level,Very unfastpasted, last two guns very time consuming and useless the barrett takes 3 seconds each shot the reload! Pros- Grafics are great, guns look cool game play is good. You could make many advancements in this game and from what I have seen this is one of the worst of the 5 sorry.

quite boring

All of it is rather bland; the music, the level design, weapon choice, ect. And I have had numerous times when i shot directly at the enemy and it didn't do anything.

Needs more work.


I love your games popbrain, as they are very fun.

But this one had many glitches, and I guess windows arent your thing

You could not hurt them through a window, which made the whole point of using the barreta usless.

Also, if you shot the shotgun through a window, It kept reloading!

That is the only thing that made the game hard, the glitches. If none of these glitcches happend, It would have been a walk in the park