Reviews for "Luis LAUNCH"


I really enjoyed this game.

The graphics were nice especially as you gained altitude and when you inevitably come crashing down. The controls are very simple and the add-ons adds a nice dimension to the game. It really is a much simpler version of 'Hedgehog Launch' with a Luis Day spin, which made it all the fun. In addition, the main song is very pleasant to listen to and fits well.

Keep up the good work!

A great parody

The farting thing was a good touch. My favourite hobby is pinging Luis off the walls as he comes back down again. It builds up more speed >:D

But yeah. This is a great game.


pretty funny and all right finished on day 10 bet that


its the most original those type of games ive playedI (i dont know what ther called)

... -_-

I'm on day 54, I have every upgarade, I have $2,288.98, and I am yet to reach space. FUCK ME.